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Innovation with tradition

The field Research and Development together with Application Technology represents one of the core competences of the ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH. ADDINOL high-performance lubricants are construction elements on the highest level of most modern technology. In the symbiosis with engines, drives, chains, bearings and hydraulic systems they develop their whole performance spectrum.

The ADDINOL laboratory in Leuna points the way ahead. It is optimally equipped with the latest facilities as well as analytic and technical test equipment. Here a team of top-class specialists develops the innovations of ADDINOL. Each product is tested thoroughly according to strictest standards before it is applied in daily practice. All this happens in close co-operation with the partners of ADDINOL in industry and at institutes. In this way tailored solutions develop for the application on streets, rails and water as well as in industrial plants of every kind.

High-performance lubricants of ADDINOL master the highest requirements. The impressive number of international approvals of leading OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and the vast number of pleased customers all over the world speak for the outstanding quality made in Germany.

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